The American Revolution

Holy war on behalf of liberty and freedom

To secure our liberty and freedom, the Founding Fathers declared independence and fought the American Revolution based on certain First Principles, including protecting unalienable rights, limited government, and the Social Compact

Prior to the French and Indian War (1756-1763), the colonists possessed substantial autonomy and individual liberty flourished.   Following the conflict, the British Empire strongly challenged that autonomy and liberty, and also resolved that the colonists directly pay taxes into the imperial coffers to help reduce the huge debt incurred in the war.

When the Founding Fathers resisted these taxes on the principle that Parliament did not possess the authority to tax the colonists, Britain attacked and denigrated colonial self-rule, declared colonists subject to any act of Parliament, re-imposed internal taxes, closed colonial ports, dissolved colonial representative assemblies, reorganized colonial governments, evaded the right to a jury trial when enforcing its policies, occupied colonial towns with imperial troops quartered in colonial homes, shot colonists, and declared the colonists in a state of rebellion.

The Founding Fathers understood the Empire’s oppression as a direct challenge to limited government, the Social Compact and unalienable rights. To save their liberty, the Founding Fathers revolted.  Founding Father Patrick Henry explained that America rebelled for “the holy cause of liberty”

Our Declaration of Independence explains that the First Principles were the philosophical underpinning of the American Revolution. Once independence was secured, the Founding Fathers labored to ensure that the Constitution became the living embodiment of a government based on these First Principles.

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